Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What's in a name?

When I sit down to write, one of the hardest things for me is coming up with appropriate names for my characters.  Sometimes it just doesn't gel together until I'm deep into the story.  Often I'll go ahead and write and just call someone "BLANK"  or "PUTTHEIRNAMEHERE" in my manuscript.  It's quite funny to be reading through my manuscripts and still thinking "what in the heck is his/her name!"

 But my characters never fail me.  They always, eventually, come up with their own names.  I'll be writing along and suddenly I realize I'm not writing "BLANK" anymore, but actually writing, "You can call me Matthew."
Matthew Trenton is the main character of my novel, BLOOD DIVIDED, (due to be released autumn 2011).  His full name is Charles Matthew Francis Trenton.  He kinda blew me away with that.  Honestly.  But Matthew suits him.  It means, "Gift of God."  I blew him away with that ;)  In a way, I think it's fitting.  Although he's a vampire he is still searching for a way to find forgiveness.  He still believes in God.  He struggles with what's left of his humanity.  And as he does, he endears himself to the reader.

I can't wait for ya'll to read his story.  Available this fall from

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  1. I know, same here. I've changed a couple of the characters names a few times, one after an agent twittered that she'd seen "my" chosen name on numerous queries. But you're right, they all find their personality and in the end, the right name. Good luck on your debut.