Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Vampires, Who Do You Love?

I grew up with vampires.  I was a Dark Shadows groupie.  I ran home from the school bus and sat spellbound as Barnabas Collins stalked around with his cane and that ring on his finger.  I loved it.  Jonathan Frid was my first taste of the undead.  My mind was warped forever.

Of course I liked Dracula and I stayed up late nights watching old B movies with Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee.

Then came Cliffhangers in the 1970's.  Michael Nouri was a stunning vampire and I was once again spellbound to watch him on television each week.  But that was a short lived show.

Moving on, I fell in love with Forever Knight and Geraint Wyn Davies. I liked the flashbacks when they'd delve into his past.  I loved Janette, she was awesome in her role as the barkeeper.  And I even loved  Nick's mortal partner, Schanke.

The Lost Boys, what can I say.  Keifer Sutherland as a vampire was weird, but the storyline was cool and I enjoyed it.

I never really got into Buffy, I didn't see many of the episodes but need to pick them up sometime and give them a go.

Oddly, Tom Cruise was an okay Lestat, I was expecting to hate him in the role, but I didn't.  I much preferred Stuart Townsend's portrayal of Lestat in The Queen of the Damned.

The more recent, Moonlight, with Alex O'Loughlin was a fantastic show, with a great storyline going, and then CBS cancelled it. 

I am one of the few who is NOT a True Blood Fan.  I couldn't get past the nudity and sex in the first season and turned it off.

On the other hand, I've really enjoyed The Vampire Diaries.  Ian Somerhalder is FANTASTIC as an immortal, he's got the look, the moods, the humor.

Can't abide the Twilight vampires.  Robert Pattinson is just butt assed ugly and that turned me off from the get-go.

So those are some of my favorite and not so favorite on screen vampires.  I'm sure some of you have your favorites.  How about it?  Who did/do you like.  What undead blood sucker turns you on?

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